Laboratory Equipment (Equipo de laboratorio)

Laboratory Equipment


High quality Laboratory Equipment and Laboratory Instruments

Laboratory instruments
High torgue/High speed stirrer
Stir shaft/Reaction vessel/Holder/Current meter
Bunsen burner/Stainless steel carriage with stands/Jack
Electronic balance
Homo mixer‧disper/Vacuum mixer
Homogenizer/High speed homo mixer/Motar
Homogenizer/Supersonic disper
Ultrasonic cleaner
Magnetic‧heating stirrer/Heating mantle
Hot plate
Oil bath/Water bath
Cabinet/Handy cooler
Freeze vacuum dryer/Refrigerator
Vacuum oven/Tubular oven/Muffle furnace
Constant temp & humidity chamber
Vacuum‧Peristaltic pump/Handy aspirator
Filling machine
Non-seal pump/Metering pump
Flow meter/Tension‧compression meter/ Vibrometer/Sound level meter/Lux meter
PH meter/pH‧ORP meter/Dissolved oxygen meter
Thermo‧hygrometer/Photoelectric tachometer
Rotary viscometer/Three roller mingling machine
Tape retentity tester/Pressing roller/Manualde colorization tester/Super daylight
Melting point apparatus/Color meter/Refractometer/Spectrophotometer
Chemical oxygen demand/Heating block/Hotplate
Vacuum evaporator/Cool blockbath/Colony counter
Mix-rotor/Hybridization oven/CO2 incubator
Rotator/Shaker/Shaker incubator
Funnel shaker
Non-germ operating table/Growth chamber
Autoclave sterilizer
Water still/Water purifier system
Dissolution tester/Dissolution testing system
Disintegration tester
Soft X-ray equipment
Microscope/Dry cabinet
Moisture meter/Balance/Powder tapping tester/ Tablets hardness tester
Cutting mill 
Ball mill/Mill pot
Sieve shaker/Sieve
Salt water spray tester/Tensile strength tester
Exhaust cabinet
Standard type salt spray tester
Large type salt spray tester
Corrodkote corrosion tester
Humidity cabinet tester
Combined cycling tester
Standard fade meter
Standard weather meter-sunshine carbon
Standard weather meter-enclosed carbon
Ozone tester
Constant temperature & humidity chamber
Constant temperature & humidity chamber-program control
Thermal shock
Mechanical convection oven & constant drying oven
Geer’s aging oven
Walk-in environmental room
Rain tester
Dust tester