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Softer-150ACW, weak cationic flake softener, soluble in hot water

(weak cationic flake softener)

Softer-150ACW is a weak cationic softener mainly composed of polyamine salt derivatives and imparts desirable soft handle to all kinds of fibers.
Moreover Softer-150ACW is easy to use and is non-yellowing. In combination use with resins, Softer-150ACW is excellently stable and imparts desirable softness to fibers.

Physical properties
Main component: Polyamine salt derivatives
Appearance: Light yellow flake
pH value(2% solution): 3.5±1
Ionic: Weak Cationic
Solubility: Easy soluble in 80℃ (above) hot water

Softer-150ACW reduces the effect of anionic optical brighten agent for cellulose, but it has no effect on the cationic or nonionic O.B.A. that are usually used for synthetic fabrics.
Softer-150ACW shows excellent softening effect in combination with resin.
Softer-150ACW imparts splendid soft handle to man-made fibers.
Softer-150ACW can be used without the trouble of thermal yellowing under the normal drying and heating condition.

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