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Softer S-522C (Water in oil type, Cationic thickener / Rheology modifier for laundry Softener & detergent)

Softer S-522C is a cationic acrylamide thickener for use in acidic water compositions in thickening
and softening for household and clothing care products. Especially suitable for household cleaners
and fabric softeners.
Softer S-522C is a white emulsion composed of water-in-oil and has good shear resistance with
excellent antistatic ability and can be added at any stage of the formulating.
Softer S-522C can reduce the formation of wrinkles during washing as well as good washing

Physical properties:
Appearance: white emulsion
Odor: slightly
Ionicity: cationic
Solid content (%, 150℃): 40+/-3
pH value (2% sol.): 4.5+/-1
Viscosity (cps, original): 500 - 1500
Viscosity (cps, 2% sol.): 1500 – 7000

Laundry detergent, softener, and other clothing care products
Daily household acidic formula products such as toilet cleaners, scale removers, and all-purpose
Silicone resin and emulsified paraffin used in care polishing, shoe upper polishing and hard surface

Dispersible in cold water, no neutralization required.
Can be added at any stage of the recipe.
Prevent any aggregation phenomenon and improve the dispersion stability of quaternary ammonium
salt esters.
Good compatibility with any cationic surfactant.
Prevent gelation.

Recommended dosage;
Add 0.2 – 10.0% of Softer S-522C cationic softener, stir gently at the same time to achieve a
thickening effectively.

Packing / Storage:
60kgs plastic drum, storage time 12 months in dry and cool place.

If you are interested in it, please feel free to contact us at tdpctw@gmail.com.

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