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Carbon Black 200C, excellent dispersion, high blackness, high gloss, and high covering power.


Carbon Black 200C is a gas process carbon black with very high blackness. It is bluish black color which has the advantages of excellent dispersion, high blackness, high gloss, and high covering power.
Carbon Black 200C is mainly used for high quality high blackness topcoats, such as automobile original paint, repair paint, metal paint, plastic paint and other high-end paints.
Due to its excellent performance, Carbon Black 200C is also suitable for any plastic, rubber, coating, ink, and other products that require very high blackness.

Physical properties & Specification
Primary particle size (nm):13
Oil absorption (g/100g):620
BET specific surface area (m2/g):550
Ash content (%): 0.02
Blackness value (Myr.):286
Powder compaction density g/l:100
Tinting strength (%, IRB3):112
pH value:2.5
Sieve residue (0.044mm):<=100ppm
Volatile matter (%):15-20%

Paint industry: used in high-blackness topcoats, wood paints as high-blackness coatings, and electrophoretic paints as black coating.
Plastic industry: Used for high blackness coloring and coloring of polyformaldehyde methyl acrylate PMMA, and high blackness coloring in soft PVC, hard PVC, and polyurethane PU.
Rubber industry: used as reinforcing agent and filler for rubber products.
It can also be used as an additive in other products such as electrodes, dry batteries, resistors, cosmetics, and polishing pastes.
In addition, it is also used as a colorant for inks, coatings, and plastics, and as a UV-absorber for plastic products.

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