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Fix A-22F (Fixing agent for acid dye)

Fix A-22F (Fixing agent for acid dye)

Fix A-22F is an after treating agent to improve the wet color fastness of dyeing with acid dyes. It will not make color change to the treated nylon fiber.

Physical properties
Appearance: Deep Brown liquid
pH( 2% ): 3.5 ± 1
Solid content: 61 ± 2%
Ionic: Anionic
Solubility: Easily soluble in water

Exhibit excellent stability in an acid medium, so that the addition of acid to baths set with Fix A-22F causes no turbidity or precipitation.
Fix A-22F efficient fixative for the after-treatment of dyeing on kinds of nylon fibers, microfiber and their blends with spandex, especially fewest color change for flavine, rhodamine and turquoise shades.
Does not affect the shade or light fastness of treated goods.
Fix A-22F improves the wet fastness properties of dyeing and print on polyamide fibers.

1. Exhaustion - Fix A-22F
Deep shade……………..4~5%o.w.f.
Medium shade………….2~3%o.w.f.
Light shade……………..1~2%o.w.f.
※Bath ratio:1:10 → Temp:70℃×~30min → Wash

2. Padding:
Fix A-22F 5~6%o.w.f
pH 3~4 (adjust pH with citric acid)
Padding →Steam (90~100℃×8~10min) →Wash →Dry

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