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Super Sticky Gum F-73H / F-77H (for table gum & flatbed blanket gum)

F-73H / F-77H is a self-cross-linking acrylic copolymer water based resin as the pressure
sensitive adhesive with superior durable film which is excellent for using as a table gum
and flatbed blanket gum during pigment printing process.

Physical properties:
Appearance : Milky white emulsion
Main Component : Acrylic copolymer resin
Solid Content : 50%
pH : 6 ~8
Viscosity : 24,000 ± 2000 cps
(Brookfield viscometer, RVF, #6/10 RPM/30°C)
Storage : 6 months in dry and cool place without direct sunlight

1.Better stick properties & more durable than normal table gum.
2.Also suitable for nylon fabric, water proof fabric as well as plastic fabrics.
3.Water resist & long durability.

1.Direct coating onto screen table or flatbed blanket, use after complete dry.
2.If less sticky after prints, clean the loose fibers from screen table by using little Q’ty of
water then re-coating.

If the material of table is “glass”, then “Super Sticky Table Gum F-77H” is recommended.

Packing / Storage:
30kgs / 50kgs plastic drum, storage time 6 months in dry and cool place without direct

If you are interested in it, please feel free to contact us at tdpctw@gmail.com.

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