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Softer-1577Q is a unique cationic organo-modified silicone polymer designed to be exhausted onto a variety of fabrics to simultaneously impart softening and antistatic properties low yellowing.
In contrast to many organic quaternary softeners that impart a moderate softening/waxy effect.
Softer-1577Q imparts an excellent, soft, natural hand feeling. Softer-1577Q is also a nonflammable relative to organic quaternary softeners.
Softer-1577Q use for cotton and cotton blends.

Appearance……… Light yellow Viscous Bluish liquid
PH (25% sol.)…….5.5 + 1
Ionic Activity………Nonionic
Solubility…………..Easily soluble in water

1.Slippery,voluminous and in-depth softeness on virtually all types of fabrics as opposed to a greasy hand feel.
2.Due to excellent exhaustibility and affinity with fibers,exhibits unique and unusually powerful softness effect at low use levels.
3.Quickly absorbs water and perspiration;minimal impact on the hydrophilic nature of cotton and cotton blends.
4.Fabrics and garments treated with Softer-1577Q remain hydrophilic on ageing.
5.Provides stretch recovery with bouncy and drapable effect,particularly on knits.
6.Almost self-emulsifiable;can generate emulsions that possess high shear and Ph stability(acid&alkaline).
7.Exhibits durable softness to home laundry washes,particularly on cellulose based fabrics.
8.Causes virtually no yellowing of white and light shade fabrics.
9.Typically does not affect the shade of dark color fabrics.

1.For fabric
In padding case Softer-1577Q 5~10 g/l 130℃ dry
In dipping case Softer-1577Q 0.3~0.5% (o.w.f.)
bath ration 1 : 10 ~ 20 PH:4-5、(50 - 60℃) x 20 mins

2.In hank or cheese
Softer-1577Q 0.3 ~ 0.5 % (o.w.f.), PH :4~5 x 20 minutes (50-60℃)

Packing and Storage
Net 120kgs PE drum. Storage-time 6 months in dry and cool place.

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