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Special offer for year 2021:

In order to create much more fortune for you & enlarge both of our business, we strongly recommend the following most popular products for your promotion in the coming year of 2021, please be sure to help us to promote them. Tks in advance.

1. Special Offer
We can offer the following products with very attractive prices! Please inform us your interest ASAP. tks!
a. Direct Yellow RL
b. Direct Scarlet 4BS 165%
c. Direct Orange 39
d. Acid Yellow 220 200%
e. Acid Violet 90
f. Disperse Navy Blue EXSF 300%
g. Disperse Black EXSF 300%
h. Disperse Black ECT 300%
i: Disperse Red 343 150%

2. Auxiliaries
a. Finish RG-880
Wet rubbing fastness improving agent for all kinds of fabrics .

b. Economic Silicone Softener – Softer YZ-860 (60%)
Modified amino silicone softener at very competitive price and easy dilute by water.

c. Stripper E-39
Decolorant agent for waste water especially for dyeing / printing factory.

d. Enzyme
(1) Enzyme F-838 (for stone wash)
(2) Enzyme -1000 (for anti-peroxide)
(3) Enzyme -25500 (for desizing)
(4) Enzyme -3XL (for bio-polish)

e. Softer 222N
Softer 222N is a solvent-free softener in paste/liquid form for cotton, wool and mainly synthetic fibers with excellent water absorbency and remarkable rewetting ability, also with excellent soft and bulky hand feel to fabrics. It’s also widely used in denim and towel industry (with good softness and water absorbency in towel finishing and a soft and smooth touch to the jean fibers).

3. Dyestuffs
a. Reactive Dye
(1) Reactive Black G: Ultra deep greenish black color.
(2) Reactive Black R: Ultra deep reddish black color.
(2) Blue EDGN: Replacing Reactive Blue 19 for three color combination.

b. Direct Dye
(1) Direct Blue 237: Except fabric dyeing, also suitable for dyeing resin.
(2) Direct Black 112 high conc.
(3) Direct Yellow 96 (Direct fluorescent dye)

c. Acid Dye
(1) Acid Black MDSR: High washing fastness to replace Acid Black 172
(2) ACID BLACK 220 200%
(3) ACID BLACK 112 150%

d. Disperse Dye
Full range of fluorescent dye, high washing & high light fastness dye

e. Cationic Dye
Yellow 28 400% / Red 46 400% / Blue 41 300% (Including liquid form)

f. Aluminum Dye
Excellent quality with very competitive price.

4. Pigments
a. PRC (Pigment Resin Color)
For both printing & dyeing, especially for fluorescent colors without formaldehyde.

b. Printing Paste
(1) Especially for glow in the dark paste (DPG-100)
(2) Fixer G2C (Cross linking agent, for long storage without becoming dried/ hard)
(3) Super Sticky Table Gum – F73H

c. Rubber white / Rubber clear
Good elasticity, soft hand feeling with competitive price.

d. Pigment (Special effect series)
For textile printing- Thermochromic / Photochromic / Hydrochromic screen printing paste.

e. Glitter powders

f. Pearl pigment powder

5. OBA (Optical Brightener Agent)
Which is highly recommended for replacing OBA OB(184) with better brightness & much competitive price.

b. OBA-BYB conc.
For cotton use.

c. OBA-6YC
For polyester, alkali resistance.

6. Flocking Powder
Full range of Nylon & Rayon as well as the fashion & new "Fluorescent flocking powder" especially for textile application.

7. Leather Black KR-1 / Leather Black KB-1 / Liquid dye for Leather Finish
Deep Black dye with reddish (KR-1) / bluish (KB-1) for both penetration & topping leather dyeing.
Liquid dye for Leather Finish: Special recommend “Toplan ECO-liquid leather dyes” which is solvent-water based liquid dye and have been widely used for multi-purpose in both water and organic solvents for any spraying and dipping application onto leather finish with excellent brilliant color shade, please visit our website: http://www.tdpctw.com/en/product-628060/Leather-dye-Colorantes-de-cuero.html for more details, tks.

8. Solvent Dye / Metal Complex Solvent Dye
Suitable for various application such as Plastics, Printing Inks, Color Separation of Oil Products, Coloring Smog, Shoe Cream, Fireworks, Transfer Printing Ink, Soap, Floor Wax, Aluminum Foil, Coloring of Oil / Grease / Wax / Fat, Stationery, Coloring Fiber, Resins, Ball Pen Ink, Writing Ink, (Transparent) Paints, Wood Stains, Leather Finishing…etc.

9-1. Inkjet Inks for Digital Textile Printer (DTP)
Topink-SS (Disperse Dye Ink-Sublimation Printing)
Topink-SD (Disperse Dye Ink-Direct Printing)
Topink-A (Acid Dye Ink)
Topink- R (Reactive Dye Ink)
Compatible with the piezo electric printing head
The characteristics of Topink: Water-based dyestuff inks / Environmentally friendly / Excellent printability for piezo-electric printing heads / Good stability for printing production

9-2: Salt free dye for making inkjet inks for DTP
Reactive Blue 49
Reactive Blue 72
Reactive Yellow 95
Reactive Red 24:1
Reactive Red 218
Reactive Red 245
Reactive Orange 12
Reactive Orange13
Reactive Black 39
Salt content: Less than 1000ppm
Heavy metal: Less than 500ppm

9-3: Saft free dye for making inkjet inks for home-office printers
Reactive Red 180
Reactive Red 195
Direct Blue 199
Direct Black 168

10. Finish Top-F3
Finish Top-F3 is water-based fluorine mold release agent with superior releasing effect. It can be used for a variety of rubber, resin & composite molding and can spread quickly surface of the mold so that the defective rate will substantially lower especially using in EVA rubber injection shoe sole manufacturing or EVA rubber footwear.

For more details, please contact us at: tdpctw@gmail.com

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