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RG-401R (PALE GOLD, Bronze powder)

RG-401R (PALE GOLD, Bronze powder)

Physical properties
Color: :Pale Gold
Particle Size (D50): :30-40um
Water Coverage: :≧1800cm²/g
Component: :Cu: 88-91% / Zn: 8-11% /Al: 0.3-0.7% /Steric Acid: 0.5-1%

RG-401R can be used for gilding, textile printing, quick printing, metallic paint etc.

How to use
Mix and stir the bronze powder evenly with low speed.
Do not use mixer with high shearing force to avoid break the structure of flaky powder, thus caused low brightness.
Choose neutral solvent or resin and do not use strong acid or strong alkali solvent to avoid loss of metallic effect and brightness.

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