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LUBRITER 360N-C (Polyethylene wax emulsion)

1. Suitable for synthetic fibers, cellulose fibers and their blends.
2. Confer all fibers an outstanding smoothness and soft handles.
3. Improves lubrication and slippery effects, and reduces coefficient of friction.
4. Improves abrasion resistance and mechanical strength, thus increasing woven and knitting productivity of yarns.
5. Improves sew-ability and tear strength.
6. Does not affect the degree of whiteness of optical brighteners or colorfastness.
7. Environmentally friendly, APEO free.
8. The product is in conformity with GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) and certificated by CUC(Control Union Certifications).

For more detailed information, please contact us at tdpctw@gmail.com!

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