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Softer-650WL (Low yellowing softening agent)


Softer-650WL (Low yellowing softening agent)


Appearance:Milk White~ Milk yellow liquid
PH value(2% solution):3 ~ 5
Ionicity: Cationic
Solubility:Easy soluble in water


Softer-650WL is the softening agent designed for animal fiber, especially for wool and feather.
After use Softer-650WL, bulky soft hand feeling would be obtained.
Excellent washing ability, no irritating to skin.
It is good anti-static agent.
Good emulsification and dispersion.
It would have good stable, when both the sodium sulphate and salt exist.
Good resistance of hard water.
Low yellowing, even no yellowing.

1. for animal fiber: usage 2-5%(o.w.f)
2.for wool: usage 3-5%(o.w.f)
3.for feathers: usage 2-4%(o.w.f)
4.for other fiber: usage 3-5%(o.w.f)

Packing and Storage
Net 120 kgs PE drum, Storage time 6 months in dry and cool place.

For more details, please contact us – Shangrila Enterprises Ltd. E-mail: tdpctw@gmail.com

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