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Multi-purpose Water-proof Fatliquor – Y5-WP

Multi-purpose Water-proof Fatliquor – Y5-WP

Stable to weak acid, stable electrolyte and stable to high water hardness.
Y5-WP provides softness, dry and fullness feel at the same time provides tight grain.
As per requirement of article and softness, usage range can be between 5~8% or more
Leather processed with Y5-WP, maser and bally penetrometer results can be increased.
Excellent light and heat fastness, also with good emulsion.
Leather process have good softness, dry, fullness handle, it enhances good buffing effect.

Appearance: White semi liquid
Chemical Nature: Silicon emulsion
pH (10%): 9.0±1
Ionic Charge: Anionic
Solid Content (%): 49%±2

1. Before application, recommend to dilute with 45-50℃ water at the ratio of 1:5,recommend usage 2~3 %, please stir thoroughly before usage.
2. Application method: Recommended to increase pH to 4.5~ 5.0 before adding Y5-WP and run for 60~90 minutes, followed by acid fixation. After acid fixation, recommended to add 2~3% Chrome for fixation and run for 60~90 minutes. Leather processed can have a maser result of 15000~25000, Water absorption: below 30%, wicking: 0.

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