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SODIUM ALGINATE –LV (low viscosity=120cps)

Sodium Alginate is the sodium salt of alginic acid derived from seaweed. It is a high viscosity purified product for use in printing and dyeing in textile processing. In machine printing applications, the recommended stock paste concentration is 3-3.5%, with printing at 3-3.5% solids. Solution viscosity 120cps in soft water at 1% solids to approximately 10,000cps .

Pypical properties:

Appearance/odor: A yellowish brown powder with a slight characteristic aroma.
Solubility: Cold water soluble in soft water, forming a viscous solution at 1% solids. Viscosity increases as concentration rises.
Specific gravity: 0.6-0.8
PH Value: 6.0-8.0
Ca content: ≤0.3%
Moisture: 13.0-15.0%
Packaging/storage: 55lb (25 kg) woven polypropylene bags. Palletized on request. Store away from moisture, humility and high temperature.

If you are interested in it, please feel free to contact us at tdpctw@gmail.com.

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