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Glitter paste – Binder VE-PG

Glitter paste – Binder VE-PG
Function: With excellent washing fastness / color brightness / lustering properties as well as the good stability to metallic powder / glitter powder.
Binder VE-PG has excellent stability to viscosity / thixotropy with good printing compatibility.

Physical properties:
Appearance : Milky white paste.
Composition : Acrylic copolymer.
Viscosity : 24,000 +/- 2,000 cps
PH Value : 6~7
Ionicity : Non-Ionic

APEO free / formaldehyde free
Excellent washing fastness.
Excellent glossy.
By adding anti-oxidant, oxidation will not be happened after printing with metallic powder.
Excellent viscosity stability and good thixotropy ability.

Application recipe:
A: Hand printing A1 A2 B: Machine printing
Binder VE-PG 62%
Glitter powder 15%
DPB-24 3%
Water 20%
Thickener MPTF-E X%

Direct printing  Natural Dry, OR drying at 130 deg.C X 5 minutes
Direct printing  Drying at 130 deg.C X 5 minutes  Curing at 160 deg.C X 3 minutes

For more details, please contact us – Shangrila Enterprises Ltd. E-mail: tdpctw@gmail.com

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