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UV-PG4 (UV Varnish)

UV-PG4 is widely used in ordinary paper glossing, which aims to improve glossy effect of the substrate surface and protect the patterns and words on ink printing so to increase beauty of the overall coating.

Viscosity: :150~300cps
Solid content: :>98%
Drying speed: :100 mj/cm2

UV-PG4 is tailored to UV topcoat finishing of ordinary paper.
Related products include publications covers, postcards, merchandise packaging cartons, decorative paper bags, labels, cards.
After the glossing treatment, paper becomes waterproof, wearable, significantly increase in brightness, sticking between stacked sheets does not occur in double-sided printing.
It creates higher profits by enhancing glossing quality of the printed materials.

Packing / Storage
200kgs / drum, storage time 12 months in cool and ventilated place, avoid direct sunlight.

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