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Softer PU-950N - Super stretch recovery (resiliency) and super elasticity soft hand feeling polyurethane softener…

Softer PU-950N is a special finishing agent that imparts particular elastic effect like urethane on fibers and suitable for polyester textured fabrics and cotton fabrics…etc.

General Properties
Component : Polyurethane emulsion
Appearance : Milky white liquid
pH : 6~8
Ionicity : Non-ionic
Solubility : Easily soluble in water

1. Yellowing free & excellent elastic softness, ..
2. Superior comparative with some resins and catalysts in the same treating bath.
3. With Super stretch recovery (resiliency) & super elasticity soft hand feeling .
4. Softer PU-950N can be applied alone, or combine with Catalyst CA-08 (1/10 by the weight of Softer PU-950N) to improve the washing fastness & stretch elasticity.

*Notes on stability
Careful about storage over several months through summer and freezing (F.P.-5℃) because of non-recovery.

Recommended dosage
Softer PU-950N……..8%~20% (o.w.s.)
Catalyst CA-08………0.5%~1.5% (o.w.s.)
Drying at 160 deg.C for 1~2 minutes.

Packing and storage
120kgs in PE drum . Storage time 6 months in cool and dry place.

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