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SOFTER C-CF is a new fatty acid amide compound. It is used for the soft finishing of cotton, linen, and their blends fabric or yarn, imparts fabric with outstanding smoothing, comfortable soft hand feeling.

Characteristics and advantage

1. Imparts fabrics with outstanding smoothing, comfortable soft hand feeling.
2. Low effect on whiteness and color shade, suitable for light color fabric.
3. High resistance to electrolyte, alkali and hard water.
4. Does not contain APEO, phosphorus and AEEA, more ECO friendly.

Basic property

Appearance: yellow flake
Ionicity: cationic
pH value: 4.0-6.0 (10% aqueous solution
Solubility: Add softener flake into hot water(60-75 ℃), stir well for 20-30 minutes until completely dissolved, cool and for use.

Application field

Soft finishing of natural fiber and their blend knitted and woven fabrics, yarn.

Recommended dosage

Exhaustion: 10% of SOFTER C-CF 3-6% (o.w.f)
Padding: 10% of SOFTER C-CF 30-60g/l

Note: when dilute C-CF at 1: 9 ratio with water. please add 50% water into tank, then add softener flake, stirring 20-30 minutes, then add residual 50% water, keep stirring 20 – 30 minutes.

Packing: 25kg bag

Storage: Can be stored for 12 months under cool and well-ventilated condition. Avoid
agglomerating due to heavy pressure in storage period
For more details, please contact us at tdpctw@gmail.com

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