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SOFTER YZ-860 60% (Amino Silicone Softener Agent)

YZ-860 is a smooth and softener agent which emulsified by special amino silicone
surfactant. It can be applied to all material of fibers. For cotton, linen, nylon, polyester, T/C,
rayon/cotton is excellent treatment. YZ-860 can improve the fabrics with excellent handle
feeling and keeping its smooth and soft effect.

1. Appearance : Clear liquid
2. Ionic character : Cationic
3. Main component : Special amino silicone surfactant
4. pH (10% solution) : 5.5 - 6.0
5. Solubility : Easily soluble in water

1. YZ-860 Can be easily dissolves in water and formed very stable
2. YZ-860 Have HT condition resistant property. It can decrease the
textiles friction to small degree, and just a little affect to the
color yield.
3. YZ-860 Have low yellowing properties.

1. YZ-860 suitable applied to the textiles by padding and dipping, and can be used for continued dyeing process.
2. The required amount depends on the type of material, and the desired of effect. Normally 0.5% - 2% (O.W.F. of weight solution) are used.
3. The ideal treatment temp. at 100℃x 30 sec., or 150℃x 20 sec., or 180℃x 10 sec. is better.
4. The absorption rate and pick up on polyester & taffeta are within 30 - 40%.

1. Dilute to 10% solid content :
Add 50 kgs water into empty drum -> Adjust pH to 4~5 -> Add 20kgs YZ-860 slowly &
mix well -> Add another 50kgs water -> packing ( P.S. preservative agent is not
required if store in short time)

2. Dilute to 5%:
Add 55kgs water into empty drum -> adjust pH to 4~5 -> add 10kgs YZ860 slowly &
mix well-> add another 55kgs water-> packing ( P.S. If diluted product can be used up
in short time, preservative agent is not required.)
*** Water must be added into empty drum & adjust pH to 4~5 first, then add silicone
YZ-860 should not be under sunlight to destroy the stability, it should be stored at cool

120kg P.E. drum.

If you are interested in it, please feel free to contact us at tdpctw@gmail.com.

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