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Indigo Blue (Granular)

Indigo Blue (Granular)

1. Product Name

C.I. No.: VAT BLUE 1
CAS Number: 482-89-3
Chemical Formula: C16H10N2O2
Molecular Weight: 262.2

2. Quality index

Appearance: dark blue granular
Color light: similar ad the standard sample
Strength,%: equal to 100 percent of standard sample
Content,% :93.0
Moisture content,%≤1.0

3. The dyeing fastness in cotton fabric(Grade)

Light Fastness:3~4
Soaping Fastness Fading:2
Soaping Fastness Staining:4
Chlorine Fastness:2
Ironing Fastness(4h later):5
Dry Rubbing Fastness: 1~2
Wet Rubbing Fastness:1

4. Application Dyeing and Printing for Cotton Yarn or Cotton.

5.Package Packed in 25kgs Bag.

For more details, please contact us at tdpctw@gmail.com

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