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TOPWHITE OB1 (Optical Brightener OB-1)

(Optical Brightener OB-1)

CAS NO:1533-45-5
Color Index No. : Fluorescent Brightener 393

Appearance: Bright yellow crystals powder
Purity: 98.5% min.
Melting point: 355-360 deg.C
Volatile content: 0.5% max.
Ash content: 0.5% max.
Solution: Transparent solution

A good whitening agent for polyester-cotton blend fabric or various kinds of plastics and their products under high temperature such as:
Polyester, Nylon fiber, PMMA, POM, PBT, PC, PS, PP, ABS and PA, PVC, PE and

Dosage for reference ( in each 100kg polymer):
Transparent: 0.0025-0.005% (2.5g-5g)
Others: 0.0025-0.025% (2.5-25g)
Not more than 0.03% (30g)
The above dosage is for the reference of WHITE color products only.
Please decrease the dosage when using OB-1 in colorful products.
Please increase the dosage when the materials using UV-absorbers.

Improving Whiteness of Recycled Polymer
OB-1 will greatly improve the whiteness by providing a more uniform white to the recycled materials. Normal fiber applications require only 200-300 ppm in new polymer, but recycled material may require as much as 300-450 ppm.
OB-1 is very effective in improving the appearance of the polymer or fiber. Off-class or second-quality nylon polymer can also be improved in the same way.

Food Industry Applicable:
OB-1 complies with regulations for indirect food additives. OB-1 is restricted to use as an optical brightener for all polymers at a level not to exceed 0.025% by weight of polymer and at the temperatures not to exceed 135℃(275℉).

Packing and storage:
25kgs fiber carton or drum and stored in dry and ventilated place.

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