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The sunlight fastness is hard to improve owing to dye structure and additives. In the case of this our company developed the UV screening agent –“LF‐500”.
LF‐500 is a nano‐size powder with 30‐70 nanometers and dispersed in water stably. It has outstanding UV screening effect and this effect is long term. It can be used for fibers, coating, plastics, cleaning agent and so on….

1. Appearance: translucent to turbid liquid with blue light
2. Component: nanometer powder
3. Ionic charge: nonionic
4. Solubility: soluble in water

No irritant to skin.
Stable and does not decompose at high temperature.
Outstanding UV screening effect.
Can be used with various dyes and improve the sunlight fastness of dyes.

Add in the dyeing process and usage is 3‐4%(o.w.f.).

1. This product is not harmful to human body. Wash hands with water if stained.
2. This product is stored in closed containers. Avoid direct sunlight. Stir homogeneous before use.

If you are interested in it, please feel free to contact us at tdpctw@gmail.com.

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