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FIX A-17 (60%)

FIX A-17 (60%)
(Fixing agent)

Physical properties:
Appearance :Brownish viscous and transparent liquid
Component :Polyethylene polyamine derivative
pH ( 2% ) :6 ± 1
Ionic Property: :Cation
Formaldehyde content: Formaldehyde-free

FIX A-17 is an excellent dye fixing agent, which will improve the fastness of materials dyed with direct, reactive, sulphur and other anionic dyestuffs.
It promises an outstanding fixing ability and will provide more economical than any conventional powder type fixing agents. Due to its liquid nature, time and labor for dissolution can be saved.
It is a formaldehyde-free fixing agent.

1. Dipping Method:
The applied quantity is 1~5 % o.w.f.
Treat the material in the bath with a ratio of 5~30:1 under the temperature of 20~60℃ for 20~30 minutes, then dry.
Rinsing is optional.
To obtain a uniform fixing effect, agitation of either the materials or dyeing liquid is recommended.

2. Padding Method :
Dip in a solution of 5~25 g/l and squeeze at the pick up of 60~80%, then dry. In case 1~4% o.w.f. treatment is required, for example, dip through 25 g/l solution and squeeze at the pick up of 80%. It means 2 %o.w.f.
In the above two methods, treatment under the temperature of 50~60℃ is preferable to room temperature in order to get the best results though some materials may show a slight change in shade.
Remarks:In case of padding method, care should be taken not to rinse before the dipping method. Rinsing, however, will have no effect on the fixing ability.

Packing and Storage:
Net 120 kg PE drum.
Storage-time 6 months in cool and dry place.

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