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Color Speckles - Ordinary Color Speckles (OS) for detergent powder


Color Speckles - Ordinary Color Speckles (OS) for detergent powder

Main component:
Sodium sulfate anhydrous/ Calcium sulfate/ Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose/ Pigment

Standard specification:
Appearance: Flow freely, no agglomeration, speckles/granules
Oder: No peculiar smell
Gravity, g/ml: 0.75-1.15
Particle size ≥1.43mm(14Mesh),%: ≤5.0
Particle size 0.45-1.43mm(14-40Mesh),%: ≥80
Particle size ≤0.30mm(60Mesh),%: ≤5.0
PH Value(1% aqueous solution,25C): 8.0-12.0
Sodium Carbonate,%: 0-30
Loss on drying,%: ≤5.0

P.S: The color, particle size, PH value and the content of sodium carbonate can be adjusted according to the requirement of customer.

Usage: Colorful sodium sulfate speckles (color speckles) are raw materials for detergent powder, dosage 1% to 3% is recommended to use directly into detergent powder to increase a visual effect.

Available color: OS-Orange / OS-Blue / OS-Pink / OS-Red / OS-Green / OS-Yellow /

Shape of color speckle in detergent: flow freely, colorful granules

Packing: 25 kgskgs /PP bags

For more information, please contact us at tdpctw@gmail.com

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