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Silicone Softer H-35 (Reactive Amino Silicone Emulsion)

Silicone Softer H-35 (Reactive Amino Silicone Emulsion)


Silicone Softer H-35 is made in reactive amino silicone emulsion by the emulsifying reaction. It’s a very powerful softener to the 100% cotton and its blend.
Silicone Softer H-35 provides the special smoothness and softness on the fabrics.


• Give the special smoothness
• Excellent softness on the 100% cotton and blends
• Provide the elasticity


Appearance Milky white liquid
Active ingredient(%) 35.0%
pH(5%Solution,25℃) 5.5±1.0
Ionic type Slightly Cationic
Diluent Water


Softener with good penetrability

Processing (Padding process) :

Silicone Softer H-35 : 10~30 g/L
Soaking temperature : Room temperature
Setting temperature : 150°C/2.5mins
(Depending on the actual conditions , you can adjust the usage amount)

Storage & packaging:

When stored in its originally sealed packaging at 5°C - 40°C in cool place , this product may be stored for up to 8 months from its manufacturing date. Packing 100kg blue HDPE drums. This product will produce some gas , please store in cool place.

For more details , please contact us at tdpctw@gmail.com

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