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MODERSIL 530A (Non-sticky amino-modified silicone softener)

MODERSIL 530A (Non-sticky amino-modified silicone softener)

Modersil 530A is a textile finishing agent consisting mainly of an amino-modified silicone. When applied on fabrics, it gives durable softness, lubricity, elastic handle, anti-pilling, cutting and sewing aids especially for cotton, rayon, polyester, nylon and their blend fabrics.

Appearance: Clear viscous bluish liquid
Ionic Property: Weak cationic
PH (2% solution): 6 ± 1
Solubility: Easily soluble in cold water
Active: 30%

1. Modersil 530A gives smoothness and lubricity and elegant softness for various kinds of fabrics.
2. Modersil 530A provides good dimensional stability and excellent appearance after washing.
3. Modersil 530A improves flex abrasion, tear resistance properties.
4. Modersil 530A has permanent laundering and dry cleaning resistance.

1. In usually 0.5 - 10% (o.w.s.) padding process
(Max. dosage: 1% on the weight of dry fabric)
2. Hot cure 150 - 177 °C x 30“ will give durability to the laundry.

Modersil 530A can’t be used in dyeing bath process.
Modersil 530A in acid condition will be very stable, we suggest don’t touch with alkali chemicals.

Packing and Storage
Net 120kgs in PE drum. Storage-time 6 months in dry and cool place.

For more details , please contact us at tdpctw@gmail.com

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