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Thickener R-RE5 (Reactive Dye Printing Thickener)

Thickener R-RE5 is strong in water molecule cohesion, and good in thickening effect. Easy-to-use, and the cost is less than sodium alginate. It’s good stability and alkali resistance, high color yield and color brightness. It has better effect on net permeability for rotary screen printing, clear outlines and bright colors. Easy to be desized by washing. Makes fabric with better hand feel than the one printed by sodium alginate, specially for navy, brown, black colored fabrics. Good stability in storage, increase the utilization of residual printing paste and shorter hydration time, and could be used together with sodium alginate. Non-APEO, and a environmentally friendly product.

For more detailed information, please contact us at tdpctw@gmail.com!

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