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Rubber White DP-W26M-CN / Rubber Clear DP-T25M-CN

Elastic White DP-W26M-CN & Elastic Clear DP-T25M-CN is for Machine printing. Our screen-dot pastes are confirmed & well accepted by screen printing industry.

(A.) Physical Properties:
1. Appearance: DP-W26M-CN - White Color Paste
DP-T25M-CN - Milky Color Paste
DP-W26M-CN - TiO2 – R type with special copolymer
2. Main Composition: resin
DP-T25M-CN – Special Acrylic emulsion copolymer.
3. Viscosity: 50,000~60,000 cps
4. Ionic Nature: Non-Ionic

(B.) Advantages:
1. Do not tacking after curing
2. Very soft hand-feeling.
3. Can be combined with any elastic paste & pigment colors.

(C.) Printing formula (for reference):

DP-W26M-CN (1) 100% (2) X (3)50%
DP-T25M-CN (1) X (2) 100% (3) 50%
Pigment Color (1) X (2) X (3) X

(D.) Application:
Rotary automatic screen printing machine.
Garment piece automatic screen printing machine.

1. Formula (1.) is for deep color fabric.
Formula (2.) is for light or white fabric & deep colors.
Formula (3.) is for both deep & light fabric.
2. Curing Condition: Tunnel Oven 130℃~140℃ (1.5~2 minutes).
3. For excellent fastness or water resistance, must add 3.5~4% Cross Linking Agent FO-555E.

Packing and Storage:
30kgs Plastic drum, 6 months in dry and cool place.

If you are interested in it, please feel free to contact us at tdpctw@gmail.com.

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