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Finish RG-880N (Wet/Dry rubbing fastness improving agent)

Finish RG-880N
(Wet/Dry rubbing fastness improving agent)

Finish RG-880N is specially designed for improving wet / dry rubbing fastness for the fabrics of polyester, cotton, rayon and their blends which are dyed or printed by dyes.
The effect can improve 0.5-1.5 grades especially for dark color series like red, black series.
Finish RG-880N is formaldehyde free, APEO free.

Appearance: :Brownish Yellow viscose liquid
Main Component: :Special polymer
Ionicity: :Weak cationic
PH value: :3~5
Solubility: :Dispersible in water with optional ratio

Application (for after dyeing use)

By Padding:
1.We suggest that the usage quantity depends on the fabric type and the shade depth. Normally, we suggest adding Finish RG-880N at 30-50 g/L for dry fabric and 60-100g/L for wet fabric on padding process.
2.Amino Silicone softener can be added appropriately if soft hand feeling is required, but the effect of Finish RG-880N may decrease.

By exhaustion (dipping):

Finish RG-880N 2~4% o.w.f. (adjustable as per customer’s required effect)
Liquor ratio: 1:10 ~ 1:20
Temp./Time: 40 deg.C x 20~30 minutes

For more details, please contact us at tdpctw@gmail.com

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