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Softer VXAK-P (non-ionic softener)

Softer VXAK-P is an excellent non-ionic softener which imparts a smooth, soft hand touch and anti-static properties for cottons, synthetic and its blends with the excellent non-yellowing property.
Softer VXAK-P can be used in fluorescent whitening fabrics.

Physical properties:
Main component: Fatty acid derivative
Appearance: Milky White pastille
Ionicity: Nonionic
pH (1% sol.): 8~10
Solubility: Can soluble completely in hot water

How to use:
Softer VXAK-P is dissolved by 1 part to 9 part hot water, i.e. 10% solution.
(Softer VXAK-P should be added to the required Q’ty of water at 60 deg.C or above and stirring up for approx. 1 hour until completely dissolved. Stirring must be continued during cooling to avoid the formation of a surface skin which may contaminated the final product.)
Softer VXAK-P is usually applied on padding process. The amount of Softer VXAK-P depends on the type of fibers and the hand felling required.
In general, Softer VXAK-P (10%) is applied at 10 to 50 g/l.

Packing / storage:
25 kg Bag, storage time 6 months in dry and cool place.

If you are interested in it, please feel free to contact us at tdpctw@gmail.com.

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