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Softer VXAP ( AEEA free cationic softener)

Softer VXAP ( AEEA free cationic softener)

Softer VXAP is an AEEA free cationic softener, which imparts peach skin hand feeling and can be used for padding or exhaust application with extremely soft hand touch on textiles.

Physical properties
Appearance: :Yellowish pastille
Composition: :Fatty acid amide derivative
Ionicity: :Cationic
pH (1% sol.): :3.5~5.5
Solubility: :Can disperse completely in cold water

AEEA free softener.
Easy soluble in cold water, do not need heating facilities.
Excellent soft hand touch on cottons and synthetic fibers.
Pastille – grain form, easy to handle.
Low yellowing properties.

The amount of Softer VXAP depends on the kind of textiles and the hand feeling required. In general, Softer VXAP is applied at 0.2 to 0.5% o.w.f..

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