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OBA 220

Chemical Structure:
Diaminostilben disulfonic acid derivatives (Tera Sulphonic acid)

Appearance : Yellow powder
Ionicity : Anion
Dyeing shade : Neutral
pH : 8-10

It’s suitable for Optical Brightening Agent on pulp & paper, cotton. Its affinity is good and primarily for coating application, have excellent acid and alkalis stability, and good stability to peroxide. The quality is counter of Blankophor BBU.

Process Method:
1. Pulp brightening Process:
Dosage: OBA 220 0.1-1.2% o.w.f.; it put into pulp solution.

2. Surface sized:
Dosage: OBA 220 1-20 g/l; it can use together with CMC, PVA, starch, anionic and weaker cationic paper size.

3. Coating
Dosage: OBA 220 0.1-1.4%; it can use any phase as diluent OBA solution in the process of making the coating.

Detailed process is according to customer’s request.

Storage & Packing:
Sealed in storage, keeping date is 12 months under room temperature.
25kgs carton box.

If you are interested in it, please feel free to contact us at tdpctw@gmail.com.

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