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FINISH BCD-7 (Pigment Printing Thickener)

Finish BCD-7 are used for exhaust dyeing of pigment. The agent imparts cationic character to cellulosic garments during pre-treatment which in turn increases pigment and dye affinity for the goods.

Appearance : Clear paste liquid
Ionic : Cationic / Nonionic
PH (2% solu.) : 7.5 ± 1
solubility : Easily soluble in cold water

1. An easiness of dyeing in many kinds of textile materials.
2. May be applied by exhaust or pad methods.
3. Yields high color values at low application rates.
4. Results in smooth, level pigment exhaust dyeings.
5. Allows full exhaustion of pigment dyes.
6. A minimized wastewater problem.

Method of Exhaust Dyeing
Dyeing Machine : Paddle or Washer
Process : Untreated Fabric ⟶ Pre-treatment ⟶ Exhaust Dyeing ⟶ Post-treatment

Processing Condition
Pre-treatment (Cationization)
1. Place garments in machine Liquor ratio 1:10
2. Add soda ash to achieve pH of 8.5 Run for 5 minutes.
Add 3~5% o.w.f. agent, Finish BCD-7 prediluted, slowly over a period of 10 minutes. Run of 10 minutes.
3. Exhaust — Heat @ 1~2°C per min till 60°C – hold for 15 minutes.

Exhaust Dyeing
1. Drain liquid and raise water in machine Liquor ratio 1:10 ~1:20.
2. Well mixed pigment according to the wanted pigment shade and pigment strength.
Filtrate with 125 mesh. Then add into machine slowly for 15 minutes.
3. Exhaust — Heat @ 1~2°C per min till 60°C – hold for 15 minutes.

1. Drain 2/3 liquid, then raise water, add in 3~5% Binder and run for 20 minutes.
2. Washing – drain liquid and raise water and run for 3~5 minutes.
3. Drain liquid and raise water, add 2~3 softener and heat to 50°C. Run 15~20 minutes.
4. Draining, Dehydration, Tumbler Drying, Heat Treatment - 130°C X 3 min.

※Poor hygroscopic fabric must be pre-washed with hot water. (80°C X 5 minutes.)
※Finish BCD-7 and Color must be pre-mixed with water at room temp. before use. Drop in well mixed Finish BCD-7 in several times. Run 1~2 minutes after very single drop.

Packing & Storage
Net 120kgs in PE drum. Storage time 6 months

If you are interested in it, please feel free to contact us at tdpctw@gmail.com.

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