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Purpose: Applied for all types of leathers on fat-liquoring.
Composition: Emulsified phosphated synthetic oil.
Appearance: Viscous and clear oil.
Charge: Anionic.
Active substance: 56-60%
PH: 6.0-8.0 (10% aqueous solution).
Electrolyte resist: Good resistance in the normal works concentration.
Lightfastness: Good.
Indication of use: Using after stirring and can be emulsified with 3~4 times amount of
water at 20-50°C.
Property: Characters of Topliquor 24N-DRS:
• With good lightfastness and it can help the main fat-liquoring, well
mixed dyeing and permeability.
• Penetrating into the leather fiber deeply that the combination is fixed,
high temp. resist and non-volatile.
• Can be mixed with other anionic fatliquors to improve the emulsion.
• Can be used for re-wetting, chrome tanning, main fat-liquoring,
neutralizing, post fat-liquoring and crust redruming to make leather
getting the soften effect.
• Enhancing the effect of light, soft and dry on variety of leather.
Shelf life: One year (in unopened drum resp. containers under normal storage
Packing: 140kgs plastic drum.
Storage: Keep in cool and dry place at 10~35°C. Before use or sampling, warm
up and stir well.
Note: Topliquor 24N-DRS is a batch form production and as such it is subject
to small variation in color and consistency. This however has no
influence on the technical property of the leather.

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