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Softer VX-EP (Cationic Softener for All Kinds of Fibers, AEEA Free)

Softer VX-EP is a AEEA free cationic softener.
Softer VX-EP imparts peach skin feel, for padding or exhaust application giving extremely soft hand on textiles.

General Properties:
Appearance : Yellowish flake
Composition : Fatty acid amide derivative
Ionic : Cationic
pH (1% aq.) : 4.5 ± 1
Solubility : Can disperse completely in cold water

Features :

A. AEEA free.
B. Readily soluble in cold water, do not need heating facilities.
C. Very soft handle on cottons and synthetic fibers.
D. Pastille form, easy to handle.
E. Low yellowing properties.

Application :
The amount of Softer VX-EP depends on the kind of textiles, the form of goods and the handle required. In general, Softer VX-EP is applied at 0.2-0.5% o.w.f..

Dissolving method :
Dilution of Softer VX-EP is prepared by adding VX-EP into the required quantity of cold water (30℃) for overnight and then stirring until completely dissolved. It also can be dissolved quickly by warm water (40~50℃). Stirring must be continued during cooling in order to avoid the formation of a surface skin which may contaminate the final product. The finished dilution product should be filtered to remove undissolved particles.

Packing : 25 kg bag.

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