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High-Concentrated Reactive Thickener RSA

Technical Index
Composition: Acrylic polymers and sodium alginate
Appearance: Yellow to light brown viscous fluid
Ionic Property: Anionic
Solid Content: 70±2%
PH Value: 6~7

Properties and characteristics
1. It is a kind of efficient reactive printing thickener in high concentration. No Alkylphenol (APEO) compound is contained.
2. Applicable for printing on cotton, flax and knitted fabrics.
3. Applicable for different printing technique on flat screen and rotary screen, roller etc.
4. Excellent fluid property enables it to be easy in use and free from choking problem.
5. Ideal printing results with sharp outline, levelness, color yield and brightness.
6. Good wash-off property.
7. An ideal substitution at low cost for sodium alginate.

If you are interested in it, please feel free to contact us at tdpctw@gmail.com or visit our website at www.tdpctw.com, tks.

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