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Softer VX-90 is a diamidoamine quaternary cationic fabric softener having excellent water absorbency, antistatic, superior softening and non yellowing properties. It is widely used in households, commercial laundries, hotels, hospitals and textile induetries.

Softer VX-90 is readily dispersible in water. It is a highly concentrated product which is easy to handle and store.

Total solid : 90%
Color (Gardner) : 6 Max.
pH (10%, IPA/H2O=1:1) : 5 ~ 6.5
Solvent (isopropanol) : ≒ 10

1) Excellent performances to cottons, wools and many synthetic fibers.
2) Good lubricancy and dry soft hand feeling.
3) Excellent rewetting properties.
4) Easy to dilute in water. Good soft and smooth touch to the fibers.

Storage Temperature & Appearance:
Storage Temperature Appearance
Over 30°C : clear liquid
25°-30°C : uppear layer : Opaque liquid
lower layer : soft solid
(it's a normal phenomenon from liquid to soft solid phase
from 30°C-25°C)
Below 25°C : semi-solid paste

1) Preparation of stock solution :
Put fixed amount of warm water first, then add Softer VX-90 slowly and stir in the meantime for 30 mins. (10% solution is recommended)
2) Recommended dosage : 1-3% o.w.f. (10% solution)

150kgs Plastic Drum

If you are interested in it, please feel free to contact us at tdpctw@gmail.com.

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