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1. A de-aerating agent and penetration accelerant with permanent foam-suppressing properties.
2. With its outstanding penetration-promoting action, it ensures easy wetting and de-aeration of the goods in the machine by eliminating troublesome foam and occluded air immediately, and it promotes uniform liquor circulation and so improves levelness.
3. Removes air from fiber assemblies and densely packed or tightly woven materials.
4. Prevents foam formation or removes existing foam, even in machines with vigorous liquor circulation.
5. Has good stability in hard water, acids, high concentrations of alkali and electrolytes.
6. Ensures uniform liquor circulation, hence gentler treatment of critical fibers.
7. Environmental friendly, APEO free.


Appearance :Brownish liquid
Ionic Nature :Nonionic
Solubility in Water:Emulsified in water
Storage Stability:Stable at normal condition and can be stored in one year.


A powerful antifoaming agent, very effective in various fields, such as:

Paper and pulp industry
Paint industry
Latexes and synthetic rubber manufactures
Textile industry
Waste water treatment
Polymerization process

The dosage of DEFOAMER NS depends on industry normal dosage:0.05~2g/l.
After leaving the dilution of DEFOAMER NS for a long period of time, two phases may be formed, it must be thoroughly stirred before use.

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