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Photochromic pigment


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Photochromic pigment (Color change: From "White" to "Color" under Sunlight / UV light)

Physical properties:
Particle size: 1-10µm
Type: organic pigment
Heat resistance: 220 deg.C
Appearance color: white

Product range:

Yellow PP (White to Yellow)
Orange PP (White to Orange)
Red PP (White to Red)
Blue PP (White to Blue)
Sky Blue PP (White to Sky Blue)
Violet PP (White to Violet)
Green PP (White to Green)
Gray PP (White to Grey)

(1) Water based paste type: Can be used for textile screen printing. Base resin to be formulated as per the type of fabric for better adhesion.
(2) Powder type: Can be used for all types of surfaces and mediums such as paint, clay, plastics, inks, ceramics, fabric, paper, synthetic film, glass, cosmetic color, nail polish, lipstick, offset ink, security offset ink, marketing, decoration, advertising ...etc.

Photochromic pigment changes color when exposed to the sunlight or UV light, and revert to the original color when removed from the light.
"(It does not react to temperature or room light, only to Sunlight/UV exposure. ) "

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