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FINISH APY (Phenolic yellowing inhibitor for polyamide fibers)

Finish APY is an outstanding anti-phenolic yellowing agent to prevent fiber yellowing caused by storage in contact with environment air of NO, NO2 gas or packaging materials of the antioxidant BHT (di-tert-based p-cresol).
Finish APY applies easily which can be used with optical brightening and dyeing processes in one bath or in two bath to improve anti-phenolic yellowing effect of polyamide fiber.

● Resists to salts, hard water, organic acids, alkalis and electrolytes.
● Almost no influence on whiteness, color shade and fastness.
● Environmentally friendly, APEO free.

Appearance : Brown liquid
Ionic Nature : Anionic/Nonionic
Solubility : Soluble in cold water by stir
Storage Stability : Store in a cool, dry well-ventilative place (0~50°C).
Stable at normal condition and can be stored in one year.

1. Finish APY obtains best effect in acid bath. Can be used in dyeing exhaustion or continuous padding process. The best effect and stable is by exhaustion.
2. Can be used with optical brightening and dyeing processes in one bath or in two bath. Two bath will obtain best effect.
Our recommendation recipes are as follow:

A) Exhaustion application
Finish APY 2~4%

A-1. Finish APY foaming in Jet machine improved by
A-1-a. combined with silicon free defoamer before foaming 0.1~0.3g/l,
A-1-b. Adds APY at 60°C and drain off higher than 60°C.
A-2. For best effect of anti-phenolic yellowing our recommendation condition as follows,
A-2-a. pH condition pH=3.5±0.5 (Citric acid 0.3g/l~0.5g/l),
Control exhaustion solution pH under4.5 after treatment.
A-2-b. pH adjusted by organic solid type acid ex. citric acid or malic acid.
A-2-c. No rinse or reduce rinse time after drain off by anti-phenolic yellowing treatment.

B) Continuous padding process
Finish APY : 20~60g/l
pH : 4~4.5
Padding : 80%
Drying : 120°C~180°C

Note: For ant-phenolic yellowing or anti-yellowing processes, adjust pH by citric acid or malic acid, it has better effect than acetic acid. By exhaustion method will obtain stable & best effect.

If you are interested in it, please feel free to contact us at tdpctw@gmail.com.

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