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LUBRITER TOP WG-100 -Hot / Warm forging lubricant, water-based graphite type

Hot / Warm forging lubricant, water-based graphite type

TOP WG-100 is a smokeless water-based graphite type lubricant for hot/warm forging industry.
TOP WG-100 is especially effective for difficult mechanical press work and highly automated facilities requiring graphite lubricant.
TOP WG-100 forms a uniform dry film coating when sprayed on moldings.

Physical properties:
Specific gravity (15/4℃): 1.18~1.23
Viscosity: (cst,40℃): 178~218
Freezing point: -9 deg.C ~ -10 deg.C
Carrier: Water
Appearance: Black
PH Value: 11~ 11.5

Special Character:
Excellent lubricity
Good release properties
Extends mold life
Smokeless, no fumes or ammonia gases

De-molding lubricant for hot / warm forging of steel (especially for more difficult work, precision forging), stainless steel, non-ferrous metal, and aluminum extrusions.

1.Hot forging:
For initial trials, one part of TOP WG-100 to eight to ten parts of water by volume is suggested. We recommend to determine dilution ratio during operation according to the condition of mold surface and the working condition; in some cases, it can be diluted with water more than 20 times.

2.Warm forging (especially for synchronized shafting and gear forging)
The material should be kept between 100℃±10 during dipping or spray dipping. It should be diluted with water with the dilution ratio of "water to WG-100(warm forging) = 5:1". For spray, it should be diluted with water with the dilution ratio of "water to WG-100(warm forging) = 8:1"

3.Application tool: Spray (Manual or automatic)

Packing / Storage:
200kgs Iron Drum / Store TOP WG-100 in a cool place, storage time 1 year under the original seal.
Be cautious not to freeze

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