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Photoluminescent Pigment (Powder)

Alkaline earth aluminate, with good glow in the dark effect, but water resistance is not good so it’s suggested to be applied into oil based medium instead of water based product.
With shorter time to absorb light before emitting brighter light in dark, but water resistance is poor as PL series.
Brightness is 5 times more than R-series, its length of after glow is 5 hours, so it could be used as a complimentary substance to R-series. It can keep the stable status under 600 deg.C and in the condition of Acid, Alkaline and water.
This type is made of mixing dye into PL-series so that it has the same character with PL-series.
S-type is made of alkaline earth silicate with good water resistance, all could be applied into oil & water based medium

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