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Decolorant E-40 is used commonly in dyeing, paper, coating & leather industrial waste water treatment as a decolorant agent.
Due to the concentration of residue occurred from dyeing industrial is very high, decolorant treatment is very important, but difficult, also.
In early days, we used a lot of bleach to decolorant, which caused a lot of “Chloride salt” as a second-contamination. Accordingly, we had to spend more time & use more chemicals to clear the second- contamination.
The development of Decolorant E-40 combined with the application of PAC & Polymer can concentrate, precipitate & strip the color of waste water in a short time effectively. By the way, the using of Decolorant E-40 will not happen the “Chloride salt” as a second-contamination and save money & time meanwhile.

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